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How To Buy A Plane Ticket At The Lowest Price?

  How To Buy A Plane Ticket At The Lowest Price? Thanks to Mr.Shamim akhtar for his first guest post. Buying a plane ticket is the cost that in most cases, literally "pulls you back" financially. In this article, we will share our experience on how to "stamp" your trip at the best possible price. 1. Always check the price of tickets in "incognito" mode, this will prevent the systems that airlines use to remember you and increase the price every time they detect traffic from your IP address. 2. Sometimes the price of tickets will depend on what sites you have visited before. For example, if you have seen an airline price comparison site, you will most likely be offered a lower price, but once you continue to purchase the ticket, the price will be higher than initially shown. 3. The price of the ticket also depends on what time you buy it. You will likely find a ticket with a lower price at 03:00 in the morning than at 1:00 p.m., so it is good not to underes

How to make karachi halwa recipe-quick & easy recipe|recipe for bombay halwa|corn-flour halwa recipe

How to make karachi halwa recipe-quick & easy recipe|recipe for bombay halwa|corn-flour halwa recipe As of you all know Bengalis cannot live a single day without sweets.So being a bong girl sweet is all time favorite to me and this  karachi halwa  is one of my favorite sweet-made of cornflour and ghee .Today I am going to tell you  how to make karachi halwa recipe or bombay karachi halwa recipe  at  your own home-quick and easy way. This  bombay halwa  is chewy in texture and made with few simple basic ingredients i.e corn-flour,ghee,sugar, cardamon and dry fruits.Generally this halwa is made at the festive season like durga puja or navaratri,but my love for sweets is little more .So without wasting time today i made this recipe.As previously I was not sharing any dessert recipe.So today I am very much excited to share this amazing recipe with all of you. Origin of karachi halwa: As the name suggests that the origin of this halwa is Karachi or Pakistan. I sea

20 best of the pro cooking tricks and tips for beginners|Everyone should know:

20 best of the  pro   cooking tricks and tips  for beginners|Everyone should know: If you don't know the some hidden  basic cooking tricks and tips  ,then you are in right place.Today I am going to tell you simple  kitchen hacks  for our daily life and you must know this. We are facing lot of issues during our meal preparation but I am sure after trying this new  cooking tips  it's easier for you to manage everything. Cooking or cookery is the art, discipline and business of making food for demand. Preparation techniques and ingredients are different across the world, from grilling food to applying electrical stoves, to baking in different types of ovens, reflecting specific environmental, economic, and cultural. These choices or types of preparation also depend upon the ability and form of training the individual cook has. Preparation is made both by people at their personal dwellings and by business cooks and chefs at restaurants and other food institutions.