How To Buy A Plane Ticket At The Lowest Price?

 How To Buy A Plane Ticket At The Lowest Price?

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Buying a plane ticket is the cost that in most cases, literally "pulls you back" financially. In this article, we will share our experience on how to "stamp" your trip at the best possible price.

1. Always check the price of tickets in "incognito" mode, this will prevent the systems that airlines use to remember you and increase the price every time they detect traffic from your IP address.

2. Sometimes the price of tickets will depend on what sites you have visited before. For example, if you have seen an airline price comparison site, you will most likely be offered a lower price, but once you continue to purchase the ticket, the price will be higher than initially shown.

3. The price of the ticket also depends on what time you buy it. You will likely find a ticket with a lower price at 03:00 in the morning than at 1:00 p.m., so it is good not to underestimate this factor. Book your flight with Airlines Gethuman and save a lot on your first flight in Delta Airlines Reservations.

4. Check the ticket prices with all possible browsers you have on your computer. You are more likely to notice a difference in ticket prices using different browsers.

5. Airlines will do their best to buy a ticket an hour sooner, so don't be bound by flashing signs like "there are only two tickets left or seats for this flight" give yourself time and don't make hasty decisions. Use another browser again, and you will see that the other two places have somehow increased to 10.

6. Suppose you want to buy a ticket for an airline based in the USA when you are physically in Bulgaria. In that case, the probability that the ticket is more expensive is enormous, because your IP address will reveal your location, ie. Bulgaria. So set up a "virtual private network" to hide your Internet activity. By connecting to a "virtual private network", all your traffic passes through an encrypted VPN tunnel. That way, all the sites you visit and all the web services you use will see the IP address of the VPN server instead of yours. Comes from inside the US and therefore you will be offered a lower price.

7. Start checking tickets months before your trip. Regularly check if prices are going down or up and keep notes of the best prices. It is essential to record the flight number, date, time and cost. So every time you refer, you can set precisely this flight and see in which direction the prices are rising.

8. Very often, when you buy a plane ticket to a particular destination located at its seasonal peak, the ticket price will be many times more expensive. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, avoid this option to pay less and do not forget that seasonal tourism leads to a considerable increase in prices for hotels, food, restaurants, entertainment and more.

"Out of the box tip" - If, say, you want to visit Argentina Patagonia, and a flight to Buenos Aires costs $ 1,000, you can quickly check flights to Santiago, Chile where the flight can be around $ 600. This means that you have a $ 400 balance that you can safely spend in Chile while travelling to Argentina. Why give extra money to airlines? Be "flexible", and you will not regret it. This is precisely what we did for our trip to South America. We had no intention of visiting Chile; we just wanted to land directly in Bolivia, only that tickets to Bolivia were $ 300 more expensive, which would mean $ 600 for both of us. We checked the tickets to Chile and were surprised by the lower price. Unsurprisingly, we bought the tickets and saved about $ 600, which we will easily spend going through Chile.

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